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:( January 29, 2009

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i miss you brunettes!!!!


writing spaces and remediation

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It is almost impossible to avoid using a variety of writing spaces, especially as a student at a university. The three writing spaces that I use the most are a computer, pen and paper, and my cell phone. Each of these different writing spaces is used for a different task. The computer is an incredibly convenient and accessible instrument for writing. The features that it offers nowadays are more advanced than ever before. It takes a lot of stress off of the writing by not having to worry about grammatical errors and worrying if you’re writing instrument will run out of ink. In the reading, “Writing as Technology”, it mentions that computers have been recognized not only as writing technologies, but as media for popular entertainment and expression, which we are using to refashion visual as well as verbal communication. The advancement in writing has become exciting. In class is when I prefer to use the old methods of pen and paper. It is an easy way to take notes without having to carry around a lab top. The pen and paper method is something that will never die off completely. It is much more personal to receive a hand written letter, as opposed to a typed letter. The third writing space I mentioned is a cell phone. It is a quick and convenient little device that is becoming more and more closely related to a hand-held computer. It allows me to send a message to someone in seconds, as long as I have service.

“Writing as Technology” defines remediation as “a newer medium takes the place of an older one, borrowing and reorganizing the characteristics of writing in the older medium and reforming its cultural space.” The transition of pen and paper to a computer was a huge upgrade. A computer has everything the pen and paper had, but a thousand more added features, such as the access to the World Wide Web, spell check, and neatness.


Writing Spaces and Remediation Response

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Lindsey Brooke Clay

Paper and pencil, an ingenious technology when placed in the hands of skilled writers, has been challenged over and over throughout history in order to assess its validity and productivity as it plays its hand in an ever evolving culture and society. This writing space can vary to many degrees of visualization; however, the written style of writing is often preferred, as it leaves a genuine stamp on that which is often lost when the personalities so often portrayed through handwriting are stripped away. Beyond the use of paper and pencil in personalizing writing and leaving an authentic hallmark, the written word lends itself to a systematic, yet accommodating product. While in class, on the phone, or in a meeting, there are oftentimes needs to generate text in which will later inform an individual for some purpose or another. Without the use of paper and pen, one would not have the convenience of transferring their thoughts quickly, whether this includes an illustration such as a chart, graph, diagram, or such without being within the confines of a particular program. Economically, paper and pen is the option to beat, in that it is cheap and easily replaced. More importantly and often overlooked, this writing space is not in need of being charged at any point in time, pointing out its reliability. Furthermore, a big selling point for paper and pencil is that they are so accessible; there is no need to cart around a heavy device. Paper and pencil is certainly as far back as the current generations can recall for technologies in writing, but that does not mean that because it is the first of what is known, that it is undoubtedly the best option for writers.

Despite the many benefits that paper a pencil provide, some saw a need to remediate this technology by embracing that which led to immediacy, and eliminating that which did not. With this desire for change came the invention of the computer. Certainly, a computer still has those characteristics of pen and paper which allow a well crafted piece of writing to be constructed, while improving the rate, as well as the range in which this can be done. Computers changed the appearance of writing by adopting the linear structure and presenting it with characters that were consistent and repetitive, for a more professional and well polished visual. More importantly, as time passed, people found the need for their ideas to be spread at a more rapid speed than seen with the previous paper and pen method. Computers offer this immediacy as it provides the ability to mass produce. Before writers can even get to this stage, however, there is a unique feature that computers possess that the written word lacked, in that computers offer the ability to edit without altering the integrity and appearance of the writing piece. In addition, this writing space provides the user with tools to better edit, such as spell check and a thesaurus. An interesting capability of computers that surpasses that of paper and pen, is the skill of reorganizing thoughts and the save feature which allows writers to readdress their thoughts and compositions without reinventing the work that they had already produced. Computers are not an end in themselves however, as cell phones hit the stage.

Cell phones decided to accept the challenge of taking computers, what seemed to be an innovation of its time, and formulate something that was even better. In a world where immediacy is key, the compact and mobility characteristics of cell phones make them a hot item in today’s market. Assuredly, regardless of the location, text messaging provides an avenue of communication to one or many persons. Through a web of abbreviations and shorthand, the buttons on a cell phone generate a message that is wrapped with understood meaning between fellow “texters”. More times than not, people would rather send a text, then talk on the phone for the simple fact that they do not want details, they want a matter of fact, and to the point message, once again illustrating the instantaneous society that surrounds this technology. Like the computer, the cell phone easily distributes information to as many people as needed, yet is cheaper and more accessible than a computer. Cell phones may be the most up to speed technology that is readily available today, but that does not ensure its lasting ability in the context of tomorrow.

Wherever this chain of writing technologies may lead, I am certain that there will forever be links that intertwine its users with the unparalleled past, and the unforeseen future. As for me, I could not live without my paper and pen, computer, or cell phone, as they all address a different needs that need to be met within the different contexts of my life.


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Sarah Whomsley

Writing spaces are what you use to put your ideas down on. The three that I use are the computer, pen and paper, and my cell phone for texting and internet. The article “Writing as technology” stated how things are changing and technology is replacing other forms of writing spaces that have been more prevalent in the past. The other article, “The double logic of remediation” was a very interesting article that I enjoyed reading. It spoke of the Y2K scare and how much more important computers are now than in the past. My family got our first computer when I was in sixth grade. Since then, a computer has been a big part of my school and home life. We started learning how to type in school and since then I have pretty much always been able to type without looking at the screen. Since we received training in school going home and doing it was the same idea. Getting ideas out on the computer is so much easier with word processing. I used to have to write rough drafts before, but now all I do is sit on a comfortable chair in my living room and type on Microsoft word on my laptop and it makes for a much easier story.

Next is the old fashioned pen and paper method. Still use this; however like I stated in my above paragraph, just typing it is so much easier. Some things I still write down, and when I am in class I don’t have my computer just my notebook so this isn’t outplayed totally yet since not everyone wants to carry their computer around. Even in elementary schools however, they use laptops as well. A lot of it is still handwritten but not all of it. High school and college teachers now won’t even except a handwritten paper, it’s unheard of.

Last is my cell phone. Everyone texts nowadays. It’s how we communicate with the world, “just text me later” is a common statement you will hear. It’s faster and easier than calling someone and for those who don’t like talking on the phone they can text. I love text messaging. Actually, I was texting at work the other day and my boss comes up to me and says “how do you do that so fast, it would take me one day to say one sentence” and you do see this with the older generation, they’re just not used to it. Were all addicted to texting, it’s true my generation is just so used to it.

As far as remediation goes, the computer has defiantly taken the place of paper and pen. The definition of remediation is “correction of something bad or defective” not like paper and pen are defective but it is much easier to type something on the computer than to physically sit there and write it.


Writing Spaces and Remediation Response

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Kristina Knapke

The three writing spaces I use most frequently are the computer, a writing device and paper, and text messaging via my cell phone. The computer is the device I use most often. Whether I need to write an academic essay or create a visually stimulating project using Microsoft tools, the computer is generally the most quick and sufficient writing space. Through the use of keys that represent letters and numbers, a mouse to click on specific parts of the computer screen, a word processor, and the computer screen itself; the computer saves time. It also diminishes the likelihood of grammatical errors and the sloppiness of a pen and paper. Computers are an informative tool, and permit easy access to questions I may have through the use of the Internet. Computers also have recreational writing spaces on the web such as blogs and social networking pages that I find interesting and enjoyable to use in my spare time.
I also use the writing space of paper and a writing device often. Usually, I use a piece of white notebook paper and a pen or pencil. This writing space comes in handy for taking notes during lectures in various classes. It would be difficult to always bring a computer to class. I also use the writing space of a pen and paper constantly at my job. I am a waitress, and find the process of taking food orders much easier thanks to a pen and paper. By writing down a customers desired order, I do not have to retain the information mentally for a long period of time. When taking notes and writing with pen and paper, writing is less linear as it is on the writing space of a computer. The writing space of a pen and paper allows one to write wherever they wish on the paper, and develop their own methods for writing.
The final writing space I use most often is text messaging through the use of my cell phone. On my cell phone, the screen used to devise the text message looks similar to a small computer screen, and my phone also has a small keyboard that is set up exactly as my computer keyboard. I use this writing space often as a quick tool to maintain contact with family and friends. Text messaging is my method of choice because it can be used during class time, at work, or wherever I find it difficult to physically speak to someone.
As stated in Writing as Technology, remediation is defined as a newer medium that takes the place of an older one, borrowing and reorganizing the characteristics of writing in the older medium and reforming its cultural space. I feel this is exactly what the computer has done to the writing space of the pen and paper. While the pen and paper is still used often, the majority of the population in today’s society has adopted the virtual pen and paper that is remediated through the tool of the computer. The computer adopted many of the same aspects of the everyday pen and paper usage, yet also made the process of writing quicker. The computer also has more opportunities for one’s writing space to be viewed by a large number of people, as opposed to the pen and paper method.


Writing Spaces & Remediation

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The writing space I most frequently use is the computer. Each button pressed writes a specific letter for you making the writing processes quick and simple as well as eliminating the issue of illegible handwriting. There are easy editing buttons to correct any misspellings and/or grammar mistakes. The computer is unique because it has the ability to tell you where these mistakes are as well as suggestions to change them. Once the errors are found, they are very easy to fix. A thesaurus is also available in word processing programs to help you find alternative words, and the “Help” button is always there for any other problems.

Another writing space I use is pen and paper. During class I use these because it is easier to bring a notebook to class than a laptop. Hand writing information allows the reader to take side notes in the margins and draw lines to connect thoughts, which helps make sense of the information. I see writing things out as an advantage for school because it helps me retain information when I physically write things down. Handwritten letters or invitations also bring a unique, personal aspect to writing.

I also use my cell phone as a writing space. Although I use the computer very often, text messaging is a close second. It allows me to communicate quickly with my friends and family wherever I am (as long as we both have service). The most unique aspect of texting is the language. E-mails started off as informal ways of writing but have taken a turn towards the serious side as business and teachers have started to use it to communicate with their colleagues and students. It is okay to use abbreviations and ignore the rules of the English language when texting, because it has a language of its own.

Computers were definitely a remediation to the basic way of writing by pen and paper. Originally, all handwritten pieces were seen as personal and professional, but that changed with the invention of computers. Especially now since the popularization of e-mails, instant messaging, and even Web CT (or Blackboard) the computer has become the main tool for writing. It provides a faster way to communicate and allows quick feedback and responses. It is much easier to write a paper on the computer than physically writing it out by hand. Also, typed documents are considered to be more professional in any situation. Students still take notes by hand today, but it is becoming more and more common to see students with the laptops in class. Computers have not completely taken away the use of pen and paper as a writing space, but it has definitely decreased its use.


Hello world! January 27, 2009

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